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Project Name : Growth Caza

Growth Caza

An impact-focused platform and online community that caters to a diverse group of professionals and serves as a place to learn, connect, seek and provide the support they need to grow.

We set out to help position professionals for growth through intentional nurturing and building a diverse professional network.

As we say at BNET Learning, ‘We don’t just teach, we coach, we mentor’. Growth Caza will help us deliver on this promise. The goal is to intentionally nurture and continuously invest in the professional development of every member within this community either through networking events, mentorship, exclusive content, or creating access to valuable opportunities or partnerships.

Project Info :
  • Client : Growth Caza
  • Category : Web Development
  • Date : August, 2021
  • Website : gc.bnetlearning.com
  • Location : Lagos, Nigeria